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 Lloyd Flanders Front Porch

 Lloyd Flanders Front Porch Cushions

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Our Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions are manufactured to the highest standards with the idea of bringing you
the best cushion you can buy at the very best price. Dollar for dollar we promise to give you more for your money,
thats guaranteed. Next time you sit down to relax in the evening, get lost in the comfort and relaxation of our
 Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions.

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 Lloyd Flanders Front Porch 4 pc Loveseat  Llyod Flanders Front 6 pc Porch Sofa Set
 with Polyester Fabric   $310.  with Polyester Fabric $465.
 with Sunbrella Fabric  $398  with Sunbrella Fabric $597.
 with Repel Liner          $477  with Repel Liner $716.
 Covers Only Save 20%  Covers Only Save 20%


Please note prices do not include buttons, please ad $5. per covered button. Our covers come with zippers so covers are removable for cleaning, if you ad buttons covers are not removable.

Your cushions can be ordered with our exclusive "Repel Liner" which is a water repellant liner sewn into the cushion as it is made. The liner will repel 95% of water, cushions dry very fast. Do not leave cushions lying in water as "Repel" will not work.

Are your cushions in great shape, you can order replacement covers and save 20% and our Lloyd Flanders cushions are shipped free.

Please note, we cannot guarantee the fit of covers only program as your fill may have compressed
or deteriorated. You can purchase additional batting if needed, please confer with our representative


 Front Porch Lounge Chair  Front Porch Ottoman  Front Porch Rocking Chair
 with Polyester Fabric $155.  with Polyester Fabric   $82.  with Polyester Fabric $155.
with Sunbrella Fabric $199. with Sunbrella Fabric $107.  with Sunbrella Fabric $199.
 Wwith Repel Liner $239.  with Repel Liner $127.  with Repel Liner $239.
 Covers Only Save 20%  Covers Only Save 20%  Covers Only Save 20%